As per the circular dated 31-05-2022 which was published in our website, we had promised to give 2 copies of the journal free of cost after its publication.
As the days gone by, we are witnessing a significant increase in the articles being sent for publication.


This is a matter of pride for our institution. As a result of it, we have published 62 articles in our 19 th volume. On the other hand, the prices of the printing paper and other printing costs also are raising day by day. As a result of it is becoming hard for us to keep up with our promise to provide 2 copies at free of cost. We offer our sincere apologies regarding this matter.

However, in the interest of our subscribers,The academy has decided to provide 2 copies of the 19 th volume of our journal, free of cost to Research Scholars (Students) and 1 copy free of cost to those who are engaged in employment. From 20 th Volume onwards, we have decided to provide only one copy of the journal published at free of cost to every subscriber. We have added this notice in our 19 th journal also. We have published 19 volumes without any stoppage till date from your whole hearted support and encouragement. As a result of it our journal has been included in the UGC CARE list and many of the research scholars are benefited out of it.

Expecting co-operation in this regard from all the research scholars and help us providing better
services in the coming future.

Thanking You,

Place : Hegde
Date : 04-10-2022 (Mahanavami)

Yours Faithfully,

Dr. Gopalkrishna Hegde
Veda Samskrita Academy (Regd.)
# 1347, Kalkod Road
Kumta, Uttarakannada, Karnataka

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